Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 117 Fireproof!

Since today is 117, I found it odd that I would get on chapter 17 on the same day... Reading fire proof... thought the candle and the flame seemed fitting... I don't know if I like the color and or black and white better?!??!?!
Glad to finally get somewhat caught up with my blogger!!! Posting day 117 on it's actual day!!!
Tomorrow, I'm so ready to get started back into the bright colorful prop photos in my 365 ideas!! I've enjoyed doing daily life photos. Been a different kind of take on the project 365 this year!! But I really miss the creative thinking and really doing daily themes and challenges!! Can't wait to see what the month of MAY has in store for me!!!! I've been waiting till the spring/summer to do some of the ideas I have! I can't wait to share!! But for now, I have to take a picture for today!!!!!

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