Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 31!!

First off congrats new project 365 followers!

It's the end of the first month! Be proud you made it this far! So, hows getting used to the uploading daily, taking a photo daily going!?! Remember we are here to help each other in this project. Even if it's just a silly random photo... it's still a photo! Make it fun! MOST OF ALL! Don't let it become a chore! IF it becomes too much of a chore, take a few days off. You can always make up for it! If you have to remember you can take 52 photos and just do one photo a week!
The only four things my husband knows about his Bday/Valentines day gift.
1) Sharpies.
2) Binder Rings.
3) Hole Puncher.
4) Stickers!
PS. IF YOU KNOW WHAT THIS IS GOING TO MAKE... PINTREST LOVERS... DONT RUIN IT! His birthday is Sunday. I hope if I finish before then, that I don't cave in and give it to him early like I usually do! LOL. Total spent on this project $15.00. By the way, I had a bunch of stuff already, just sometimes new stuff seems more interesting! LOL.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 30!!

This set of photos above were taken with my Mark camera. I'm still getting used to trying and using my cell phone camera, my rebel, and my mark all in the same day. Some are just not post worthy, but the thing is, I'm testing myself to really try and take as many photos as I can with either camera! It's really a challenge sometimes! However, my husband and I went to run our normal Monday morning errands. On the way to the post office, we passed the little airport in Irvington. They were doing touch and goes. I was so thankful I had my camera with me. I was pretty pleased with these shots, so you get to see them all!

The photos below, were silly daily routine photos. My husband and I have become a little domesticated since we have moved into a neighbor hood and we love going on our daily bike rides. Today, I decided to bring my rebel along. I was glad I did. A Dachshund ran out of it's yard just to let us know we were too close to his yard LOL. Bert instantly picked up his feet. He calls Dachshund's ankle biters! It cracked me up. The dog just chased us to the end if his property line and let us be. But this photo was too funny not to post!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Just a lazy dog day!

Today was a typical lazy Sunday, except... it was very eventful for our dog Maggie! We took her to B&B and got her a nice dog bath. At the end of the bath the lady that works in the cat/dog section gave her a free treat! She said it was well worth it in the end! c ;

Why is it dogs can stick their noses and heads out windows and love the breeze but hate getting their hair dry with a blow dryer? LOL. Just a thought!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Date night!

I could get used to my husband actually having an "OFF" weekend. He is a musician, and we don't get to have many quote unquote date nights. This weekend he was actually off, meaning off from his rotating work schedule, and off from playing music. He took me out on a date. We got all dressed up, me skirt blouse, blazer, and he wore jeans and a button up shirt and went to a nice italian dinner at Carrabba's. We filled up on tea, bread and seasoning (the reason we went...) cheese sticks, salads, shrimp scampi and dessert. Oh yes ladies, my husband still opens the doors for me. I'm not lucky or spoiled I'm very blessed and well taken care of! ! By doors, any door, car or doors to anywhere. Makes me feel oh so special. But the best part about the meal was the dessert... we got to watch them torch the Banana Brulée. Oh so exciting!
Plus we sat by the pizza oven stove. Kinda made for a romantic dinner. I could get used to my husband actually being off on the weekends. But that's my dream world! c ;
Bacinos - “Mini Desserts”
Delicious, guilt-free mini tastes of favorite desserts, made fresh daily.
Dessert Rosa • Chocolate Coconut Mousse • Banana Brulée

The last picture was our dessert torch-er. He became entertained with the camera, by the end of the night he would even put an extra piece of wood in the oven just because I said I was chilly when the fire went down. I took a photo of it, and him after. We chatted about photography and watched him make pizzas. The next time we go to Carrabba's I'll have to eat a pizza!!!

Day 27 Bowling Anyone?

So, Bert and I are pretty much addicted to this bowling game. You can change your character to look like you, for strikes or spares, you earn clothes. Oh And speaking of clothes, Bert and I had a little retail therapy yesterday. We got six shirts for six bucks each at Pacific Sunwear. We just had to get dolled up and dressed up and go somewhere in our new outfits!! c ;

Thursday, January 26, 2012


The one night I wanted her to pose for me,
she gave me some serious cat-attitude!
This will have to settle for my photo today nonetheless it's a photo!

This was a photo I did of me earlier today... only blog worthy readers! LOL.
this is the view I like to be seen from most of the time. BEHIND THE CAMERA.
I do have my good days though! I mean good days, where I like to even high five the mirror! LOL But today, wasn't one of those days. I went to go shopping for an out fit to wear to the wedding this weekend and I couldn't find anything.
I got mad props from my husband, he said, "You went to two stores... and didn't buy anything!?" LOL.
Not that it wouldn't fit, just that I can't get used to the style. Oh and I am kinda happy, pulled out an old pair of jeans, and they fit me again! Whoo hoo for keeping size 5 jeans!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Painting your toe nails?

Stand here. Wipe your feet. Jump Up And Down.
Face Paint? or Feet Paint?

Husband : What are you doing?
Wife : Painting my feet.
Husband : Don't you mean toe nails?
Wife : NO, my feet for my project.
Husband : Oh ok. LOL.

"Always Keep My Feet On Solid Ground"
I was listening to Jessie J while I was doing this page today!
I had so much fun!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Crack The Spine

First things first, I always crack the spine of my books when I get them. Keri Smith, is just awesome. She pushes your creativity on doing things like cracking the spines of the books. I cracked the spine of the book in a heart shape. Oh, if I don't crack the book first, I read the last sentence of the book. I know. I'm just random like that. Not that I like to know how the book is going to end. It's just the last sentence. Not the last paragraph. Just to get my mind thinking on the book when I start reading it. Last sentence in this book, YOU TOO CAN BE AN EXPLORER OF THE WORLD!

Add your own page numbers! This book I am going to do a lot differently than the last one. I'm going to use pictures to cover unwanted mistakes and layer. I'm already having a blast!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Rainy Days are made for book stores... Bookfession

Pintrest find. #392. I almost always take a book with me everywhere I go. It's becoming something of a security blanket.
I saw this last night on pintrest. I remembered what it was like bringing my "Wreck This Journal" with me to places, by Keri Smith. I was very thankful today was a rainy day. On many rainy days, you can find me browsing the library or any book store. I had some mad rainy day money saved, just for books. I went today just to check out the new Keri Smith, "This is Not a Book." Of course, I brought it home! And an entire book set of hers, that also holds, "Wreck This Journal" in the same set.
I'm worse than a kid in a candy store when it comes to creative books. I like to get crafty. I like to document. Most of all I like to take photos of my crafty documents! In 2010 I discovered Keri Smith. Her pages of prompts for ideas were the main subject for some of my 365 photos, helping me make it through the year. This year, I have not one but four of her books now!
My one little word was "FOCUS." I got these books to help me focus on getting crafty and taking photos for my 366. Feel free to join in on my focus, and let it become yours. I will warn you... you can not have ADD creativity when it comes to things like coloring in perfect circles or making ugh ohs out side of the line scribbles with these books. You have to force your self to get creative and enjoy it while you are completing the prompt. I'm so excited. I'm sitting here writing this blog, and my mind is already wondering what book I will choose first!

I dare each of you reading my blogger, to go purchase one of these books. Just one. To get you started to understand what these journals are about, and post photos of your accomplishments.
Price. I say "priceless."
although they are anywhere from 12.95 to 13.95. The box set was $40. But for shameless fun, and a daily photo I'd say it's well worth it!
What are you waiting on? Go get one!
Get ready to get out of your comfort zone and make big mistakes!!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 22 comfort zones

I have been in most of the day today. Finished my last day of Prednisone. I still think I need an extra cold med. I'm going to wait a few more days to see what happens, crossing fingers I'll be well before another does of meds. Silly weather changes and heavy fog does not mix well with my asthma. But I find myself tonight sitting on the couch watching movies. And trying not to fall asleep too early. I want to stay up a little later so I can sleep through these nasty storms that are going to be coming through our area. So, this is just a selfie day. I spent most of the day by myself. Bert slept as he has been on night shift all weekend and didn't get much sleep yesterday... so I just tip toed around the house and didn't bother him too much while he slept for work tonight. I'm so happy he will be off the next two days!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

OMG! I'm in love Day 21 Part two!

Bert and I went to Zoey's fourth birthday today. Her Mom, Tosha, had gotten the kids all fake tattoo's. I think the adults had a blast putting on their own fake tattoo's. I found the music note and hearts and went to town on my wrist! Now, I think I'm 100% convinced, I should get one. I eat, sleep, dream, breath, love music. This is almost identical to the tattoo I have been wanting for some time. (I'm not a fan of them personally, but lets just say if I ever got one... it would look like this!) When I put these two together Tosha said, "Girl you are so creative! I didn't see those." My reply, no... I put them together, this is how I really want a tattoo! Berts been looking at it all afternoon.... LOL.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 21 To my surprise!

I love surprise visits! My little brother came home from Mississippi State this weekend to see his family and come support his musician friend Mario! Called me about ten and said, lets go see Mario! c= I had no choice, I was so excited to see my little brother and have a "Date" with him. I get upset that he always can't be home now. But I'm thankful he is in a nice "Christian" fraternity and has met some wonderful people at school. I am very proud of his accomplishments! Of course, on the way home I begged him to play "Let Her Cry..." it's a song we hold dear to us. The night he graduated high school, he got up on stage and sang it to my mother and played it for her. He is such a good kid. I miss him when he's gone... if you can't tell.

She sits alone by a lamppost
trying to find a thought that's escaped her mind
She says Dad's the one I love the most
but stipes not far behind
~Hootie and the Blowfish
&& it's 1:16 am... don't know why the blogger says other wise for my post! HE told my husband he would have me home by one and I was home five minutes early. My little brother is such a good "DATE"!

Mother Nurture day 20!

I got a random call from my Dad telling me about this cattle pasture not too far from where I live today, he said, "Baby girl, grab your camera and go take photos of the baby calves. There are about thirty or more!" I accepted the daily photo opp got in my car and followed directions, to my amazement, there were cattle all over this field. I'm guessing the low pressure and warmer weather has caused them to be born a little early. It was so sweet and I was just in awe at what Mother nature can do, and not just mother nature, but God. So many cute little animals. Made me remember why I'm not a huge meat eater. But anywho, I had to park my car at a church parking lot and walk a bit. I had to cross the road. I didn't want to disturb anything going on, with the cattle. There are like 18 deaths a year related to cattle accidents. So, I just stood a ways at the corner of the fence... These are some photos I captured on my walk and of the cattle!! Enjoy! I like random phone calls to go photo scavenger hunting! Most excitingly, my husband let me take the Titan! I'm a girl that loves being from the country, and loves driving the truck!

P.S. I love shooting on over cast days. It makes the picture so rich in color....

I feel all air heady. Thanks Prednisone. Actually. I feel like all medicine. I've eaten several times today and I think I'm drunk on water... sheesh! I'm also challenging myself to try and use all three camera's I have in one day... then pick from the photos ... I had taken this photo today after drinking about three glasses of water from it! I thought the blue light from my speakers cast a cool glow through the water droplets!
And I leave you with this if you have ever taken prednisone, and have felt this way, please let me know I'm not going crazy on this medicine! I have two more days left of taking it!
"There are 3 kinds of people: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened." Well, I just here and watched the whole house get cleaned. Made possible by prednisone. I need to find wonder woman and give her her meds back and thank her for this energy! But geez, I'm ready to settle down and watch a movie... I dislike this medicine feeling.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Random... day 19

So, I was sitting outside enjoying reading my cosmo I just picked up a few days ago for the long car ride. I noticed birds playing in my neighbors bird bath. I went inside to grab my camera. And of course, when I got back, they left. I found them on the power lines. Reminded me of Eric's new song he wrote, Bird On A Power Line. Remember when Ms Socks met Eric? That's him. Here's a couple photos and that song! I'll have it stuck in my head all day now LOL.

Day 19 Rockin' Milkshakes!

It all started with, "Hey honey... let's take the bike out for a ride..."

and Bert and I know just how much Big Time Diner's milkshakes rock. I've been having some asthma issues with this rain that came through... the only thing that really makes me feel good when I have asthma issues is a Chocolate Milkshake from Big Time Diner. So, I went on that bike ride to make Bert happy, and he made me more than happy by getting myself a milkshake!

As you can see, Big Time Diner's milkshakes are good till the last drop!

P.S. I love having handy cell phones with cameras on them! I didn't want to have to worry about locking the bags on the bike, so I was able to get my photo today via cell phone! I'm so happy! This is not what I had really intended on for my photo, but I figured... well why not!

"Visits" day 18

My husbands mother's sister passed away Monday, thankfully my husband was off so we could attend the funeral and say not our goodbyes, but our I'll see you agains! We had to take a five hour and two minute ride all the way to Lake Charles Louisiana, where the serves were held. After the services we met at Carolyn Conner's daughter in laws house for a short visit. I then demanded, that we don't just get together for these "events" that we get together at least twice a year for something fun. So we can laugh and have a nice time together. Of course, I got a look from Uncle Dicky. He said, you can have fun anywhere! Leave it to Uncle Dicky. See, "Uncle Dicky...." is my husbands hero. He also married a lady 20 years younger than him. They have that in common. And Uncle Dicky is such a trouble maker but in a fun way... just like my husband. Making sure he knew where exactly Bert's namesake was and all of that yesterday... LOL. And asking me if I still liked my husband. I said, "Uncle Dicky, I don't like Bert, I love Bert." He turned to Bert and said, "How do you put up with her smart mouth!" What a character I tell you... so my photos from yesterday are of Uncle Dicky....

In this photo above he was telling a story. Dicky is famous for his "stories..." see everyone isn't "smiling.." they are either laughing or acted surprised at what came out of his mouth, like the look on Berts mothers face! LOL.

And see there he is again, telling a story to my husband. I can't even get my husband to actually smile like that for a photo. His Uncle Dicky's stories have the magic power! LOL.

Uncle Dicky told my husband to snap this photo of his wife helping out carrying in everything from the church... see he got onto me for already changing in to comfy clothes before the leader of the funeral services dropped off the flowers... he is such a character I tell you!

My husband posted this on his facebook page when he found out about his Aunt. I just hope when I pass away and at her age, I hope someone will be around to write this about me
Please include my Aunt Carolyn in your prayers today. She left this ol' world for a better place this morning. She leaves behind many family members that will miss her dearly.
This as written by her daughter in law!
"My precious friend and mother-in-law, Carolyn Conner, was rewarded this morning with the greatest joy a child of God can receive...she was ushered into the presence of her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I can only imagine what that must have been like for her! She had Roger and Steve waiting there to welcome her into paradise. She was a woman of incredible faith that she lovingly instilled in my children's lives, and I am so grateful to her for that. She endured many trials throughout her lifetime and her rest is richly deserved. There are so many memories of her and her all-knowing sweetness that she showed to me that I shall carry with me for all time. She will always be the "salt of the earth" to me and I will never forget how she touched my heart with her love for the Lord, and willingly and effortlessly fulfilled His purpose while here with us. In my selfishness, I will miss her. In my love for her and what she meant to me, I will rejoice with her...for I know in my heart that she heard this morning, "Well done, thy good and faithful servant". I love you Carolyn, always. "Thy trials are ended, Thy rest is won"."

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Stuck like Mod Podge

I say, whoa-oh, whoa-oh, whatcha gonna do with that?
Whoa-oh, whoa-oh, come on over here with that
Sugar sticky sweet stuff, come and give me that stuff
Everybody want some

Melodies that get stuck up in your head
Whoa-oh, whoa-oh, up in your head
Whoa-oh, whoa-oh, up in your head
Whoa-oh, whoa-oh, up in your head

Whoa-oh, whoa-oh
Whoa-oh, whoa-oh
Stuck like glue
You and me together, say it's all I wanna do

Seriously, I was stuck this morning. I woke up. We are having to leave to go to Bert's Aunts funeral today and I was wondering when I would even find time to do all the things I needed to get done and take photos! I thought, well, finish your pintrest, then pack, then if you have to just take a bunch of daily routine photos again today! I was really getting the hang of my camera being on my neck when I was doing daily chores! But this morning, wow... pain on my shoulder! I need to do that more often... c= So, doing my week three of 52 week pintrest challenge, I got the song, Stuck Like Glue by Sugar Land in my head... and I couldn't get it out... Don't you love melodies that get stuck up in your head? LOL. And that's today's photo!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Back to the daily grind...

After a weekend of fun, I'm up with the chickens! "So to speak..." I have seen some people that post normal daily routine photos. Today, I'm going to challenge myself and just take simple daily routine photos. I've already taken several, and on both cameras, that I think are post worthy. However, it's only 7:30! I'm going to wait and see what the rest of the day has in store for me! By the way, I really like getting up at 4:30 am with my husband when he goes to work. That's so many extra hours in the day I Can get things accomplished and have time to do crafty things in the afternoon after all the chores and errands are ran. Plan for today.... be very crafty day today! I want to make a whole bunch of fun things… Look out pintrest! And I will have all the time in the world as soon as I am done with laundry!! And errands!! I will have some photos up and posted by this evening! Just letting you guys know what the plan was for me today!

I thought the sun rise was very beautiful this morning...

I love to sit out in the morning watching the sun rise and reading through my Joyce Meyer's mail from the previous day...
Sweep, Mop after that...
Start and or finish days laundry....
cats get tired of me doing all of these things, and they each have their own way of telling me, "PLAY TIME..."
I have to often remind myself to take my thyroid pills...
Then I'll start the dishes, unload reload...
Go to the grocery store for dinner and maybe a crafty store too!
I completed week three for my pintrest challenge today!
I finally got a hot glue gun today since my other one bit the dust...
Managed to do a few extra projects with sheet music....
&& Just when I thought I could lay down... CRASH!

So I figured... since I have to mop again... for the second time today... I'll take a photo of it. This is the kittens responsibility. She will play with the ice cubes and make the drink fall to the floor... those of you that say... pets aren't kids? You got that wrong. Play time, clean up after... just like kids in my book c= But I love my babies to the moon and the stars and back!

Is it nap time yet? Sheesh. My photos for the day stop here, I'm so ready for a nap...