Monday, February 6, 2012

Ice Cream and Radical Self Love!

So I felt kinda bad that I didn't get Bert a cake for his birthday this year, so I treated him to some TCBY. I know how much he loves sherbet!

I also did the directions of glue these two pages together. I cut a heart out of the sheet music woven tear this page and glued it to the page beside it. This by far is so my favorite page!!!

This month, I'm going to be following Gala Darlings instructions for her Radical Self Love Bible. Our first homework instructions were to buy a notebook of some sort small enough to carry around with you and to find a totem of some sort to bring with you everywhere you go. I figured, why not take a photo of some of the I LOVE YOU conversation hearts and carry it around with me. I can put it in my purse and bring it out when ever I need the two of these items to remind myself about Radical Self Love! Another two home work assignments I'm working on currently are making a prayer to post on the first page of the book and the next page listing 100 things you love about your self. Not just 5 things, 100! Shamelessly I've gotten 12 things written so far. But I have the entire month to think of 100 more things!! Plus, I've been really busy this weekend, not much time to open my "BIBLE" and write in it! My goal tomorrow is to write at least 20 more things down I love about myself!! Gala Darling you rock!

And I finally finished that personal mission statement!
My name is Heather Guidry. I am ambitious, positive-minded, motivated, young, and smart. I am a people person. I am the person I am today because of that. I've learned what makes myself and others happy in life is self-happiness. I feel everyone has a talent from GOD. Most don't act upon it, or if they do, they call it a hobby. My talents are photography, crafting, anything to do with my hands, writing, speaking, I choose to act on these talents daily. Remember you can not place a price tag on personal happiness. You must always create your daily happy!
Short sweet and to the point ! YEAH! Sigh~


  1. I'm totally loving your shot of the candy hearts!!!

  2. Thanks girl! It's my totem for the r.s.l. project. Leave it to a photographer to take a photo of something for a totem! LOL.