Thursday, December 29, 2011

End, New, Beginnings...

It is the end of the month of December. Three more days, well two not counting today. And all of us photographers are gearing up for yet another attempt at Project 365. Except, 2012 brings is an extra day. As if it isn't hard enough to take 365 photos, we have to add an extra day to the list!
One thing I learned, when the year 2010 gave me the strength to do one photo a day, for 365 days, was this... if I wanted to be successful and complete the year (which I have only completed one) I have got to give myself some slack. Not be so hard on myself, and remember what it felt like to accomplish something you really want, even if it was reading a book in one day. You have to stay in focus. Not every single image is going to be a "best seller." Sometimes, I may have to grasp and take a photo of the sky. Which always reminded me of our savior Jesus Christ. The year 2010, I really relied on this bible verse, "I can do all things through Him, who gives me strength!" Philippians 4:13. I owe a huge thank you to a friend of mine for pointing out that bible verse to me while I was doing my project 365. She had faith in me, I just needed to have faith in me c= I started up this week doing some random photos just to get back in the habit of taking a photo daily and posting...

Monday As the new year approaches, what are your new goals, plans, hopes, new years resolutions? ect. I know one of mine is to complete the project 365

This was my photo I did Tuesday just playing around. And it reminded me, When you think outside the box, It means leaving behind frustration, anger, stress, and fear. Sitting here praying I'll be able to think outside the box to do another year of daily photos!!

Wednesday “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away” this was almost a photo fail. I really wanted more of the tape measure...

I know with the help of you guys following my blogger, and with the strength from the Lord above, I will be able to at least attempt another year at 365! or well, 365 + 1!!!! LETS DO THIS!


  1. Nice! Congrats on completing one year of Project 365. Let's hope we can get through this year. :0)

  2. Girl, I really hope so! The one year I completed project 365, I made at least $150 on selling my photos people liked, I got one photo in the newspaper, and one photo on an online journal Emory University publishes. Those accomplishments, make me always want to start another year!! Last year I only did 65 photos, but hey, it was 65 photos. I still had 300 left, but I felt accomplished that I did 65 photos! If you need any ideas, help ect... don't hesitate to ask!