Wednesday, February 29, 2012

a bit tired of Project 365...

So, I know I don't look very comfy and snuggling here, but it's kinda hard to do with a self timer! LOL and get comfy . Bert is. I don't think I bothered him one bit! HA. I don't even know if he knew I was taking a photo ! But at last, we finish a second month of Project 365. It's starting to tire me a bit. My goal was to get to at least day 65. I have five more days to go! Maybe I'll get out of this funk and try and make it another 100 more days! Maybe once this rain clears out and I get out of the rainy day blahs I'll feel more creative to venture back outside!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Peace Sign Sign! Really! TOO CUTE!

New signs Bert and I got this weekend, I can't wait to hang them up on the walls in this office and get some color in this room! I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I'll always have a cat interested in what I'm doing, currently when it comes to taking a daily photo! LOL. My baby Melody was raised around this camera, so she knows how to pose for me!

Monday Feb 27th post Pocket full of sunshine!

The sun is on my side Take me for a ride I smile up to the sky I know I'll be alright ... The sun is on my side Take me for a ride I smile up to the sky I know I'll be alright So, I had some fun editing this photo. And working on this page. This page looks so much better in person. In person the sun flares from the jeans don't look like FRENCH FRIES LOL Cracks me up! Well, wrecked enough?!?

Monday, February 27, 2012

Post for Feb 26th~

So last night, Bert and I had a first. We played XBOX connect. We loved it! Played baseball on it, golfing, and want one of them now ! I worked up a sweat playing! I love interactive games now! My arms sort of hurt from swinging! I haven't hit a ball off a real bat in years, made me miss playing softball. So here is a selfie of me watching Bert play! Not really in focus or anything, I still love how it turned out!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lucky day continues... ?

gotta love it when you feel lucky. Maybe it's that I know St Patty's day is right around the corner. But I've just felt that way the passed few days. I know the "luck" doesn't come as often as it should to some. Heck it doesn't come as often as it should for me either. No matter how hard we try, some obstacle is always in the way. Bert and I got on pintrest today, and found a project for us to do this afternoon. We drove all around town looking for a chest to mod podge with sheet music and rolling stone magazines! It took us all afternoon and a trip to Krystal's for lunch to find this awesome find for under $60.00. Just sanded it down and mod podged! It was fun!! I'm pretty satisfied with how this turned out! I'm going to add some guitar picks down the sides, some concert tickets on the bottom, and some guitar strings along the top edges, then it will be complete!

JACK POT! Day Feb 24th

I'm so excited about my new 1.8 lens I got today. I came home, got in my pj s and started playing around!
I love the depth of field! New pj 's too. I feel like I hit the jack pot... new pair of comfy jammies and a new lens !
when you get a new lens anything can become the center of attention... even bad habits!

As if all of that wasn't a lucky day for me, I wanted to go to the casino for dinner. I did not feel like cooking. We get comps all the time at the hard rock... well... I won for almost $300 and then turned around while I waited on my husband to be ready to leave stuck a $20 in and won almost another $140. It was an all in all "Jack Pot of sorts Friday..."

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Journal Wreckin Day!

Poke holes here using pencil. Well, I had some left over bubble wrap... poked everywhere LOL
fill this page with circles... the left side isn't done yet!
fill this page with circles, I think there is still more room!
this page is for hand prints or finger prints get them dirty and press down... the right side isn't done yet.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


With all of the partying and Mardi Gras festivities that went on yesterday, the only thing I have had with in arms reach is water! I'm sure I am not alone! Kinda thought about giving up everything as far as cola, tea, sprite, beer ect... and only drinking water during lent. I usually give up something like not biting my nails, or something personal. I haven't made up my mind yet. Still thinking on that one! But for today, I just drank water, and I feel great!


Yesterday my husband played in his first Mardi Gras ball. For some that know us, know he loved every minute of it. This is the only photo I got of him. I was afraid to bring my camera out. Some balls like to keep things private. And "Masked..." so... this is my photo from yesterday!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Just the two of us...

Bert and I have had one of those just the two of us days... after a long weekend of playing and recovering yesterday we went out and enjoyed our day. Bert had a free birthday lunch at one of our favorite places to eat, we went and fed Mikes ducks with the left overs, enjoyed a quiet day by the pond, and have some red beans and rice on the stove and some beer... now we are ready to find a movie to watch! And get in some pj's and just relax for the evening!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Wish this weekend didn't have to come to a end! But at least there is still one more ball Tuesday....that means its time to party!!! I can't wait! (: It will be my husbands first Mardi Gras Ball to play in a band. He is more excited about it than I am! LOL. I will be sitting in the crowd by myself watching my hubby do what he was born to do! c ;
On Sunday's after my husband has played all weekend, late nights, ect. the last thing I want to do is dirty the kitchen. We usually go out to eat somewhere. Tonight, I had a craving for spicy food! What-a-burger has my needs for that! The ketchup is a limited batch, so try it while it lasts!

Poor Mans Mardi Gras Ball

In the south, everyone is raised knowing about Mardi Gras, the history and, they always say as a child, I can't wait to go to a Mardi Gras Ball! Just like any other dance, you get to get dressed up, tux with tails, dress, gown, floor length ect... but at Bill and Charlies, we do it the way a "poor man" would. With the economy as bad as it has been lately... (don't get me started!) we decided to do a themed ball last year and it has become a wonderful event. You can dress up down or in costume! No matter what, you let the good times roll and have a ball! We even crown a king and queen!! c ;

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Laissez les bons temps rouler

Truth. Mardi Gras is most likely one of my favorite times of the year. All but the standing in line at parades. I love the decorations, I love the moon pies, I love the beautiful floats in the parades, and I love the balls! PLUS I LOVE HAVING A BALL! Bill and Charlies is getting geared up for their Mardi Gras ball tonight! I snapped a few photos yesterday of the decorations. This one spoke to me the most!!

Laissez les bons temps rouler

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I did not want to take a photo today!

~I had to revert back to my one little word today...

Thus, you get a photo at 9:08 pm of glitter.
Remember my one little word photo?!? With focus on it!? I couldn't find the little focus beads I had in my first photo. But I made hearts instead!
I have to remind myself to focus on the project, it doesn't have to be a photo I love daily. Just a photo!
I'm just in one of those funky moods. I'll get over it soon!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ms Socks found her a Mr Socks!!! ~True Love!

First off, Happy Valentines day to all of the couples young and in love or young at heart... Remember there is always someone out there for you if you are single too!
Ms Socks, found her a Mr Socks !
Seriously, tho... I've always been one of those who strongly believes that if you are young and in love and with somebody you know loves you back just the same, that Valentines Day should be treated like a regular day. Why just get some one flowers, candy and cards on one specific day, because that's what the stores want you to do? Valentines day is so commercialized. I'd take a card or a love me love you something every day of the week. Little sweet forget me nots. Berts always finding something little for me, because he knows that's what I like. It can be a case of cokes, or it could be a shopping spree on him. Not just on Valentines Day to show me his love and respect for me. I think personally Valentines day is a silly holiday. Wouldn't you agree??!?!
Anywho... so glad Ms Socks got her cuddle time with someone today! And enjoyed an outing under the tree! LOL. Everyone needs to feel loved!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Brown Bag Special!

This was my pintrest project for the week. The bag says, I LOVE YOU MORE THAN LADY LOVES TRAMP! I got up early this morning asked Bert to go to the garage while I packed a lunch and surprised him. All I could quickly find was Progresso Grandpa Cookies and Jolly rancher Valentines Suckers! I guess now that the cat is out of the bag I'll have to put something different in there tomorrow since he didn't see what I made for him today!!!

oh and ps... for those that don't know me, giving up my Progresso soup is LOVE!!
Only to feed the man I ♥ would I give up my progresso!

This is just so Bert knows, I'm guessing it was my fault, that I didn't say HERE HONEY... LOOK I made you a lunch! LOL. It was sitting by the stove right in front of his coffee pot. I guess a better place to show him I made him lunch next time would be just putting it in his truck! HA.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I love you, dear Ketchup!

Some of Bert and I'se favorite snacks, cheese and Vienna Sausage and crackers. Saw this idea on pintrest to do with kids, well... who says when you are too old to play with your food? I say never! Especially if you are a photographer!

Lynyrd Skynyrd !!! for Saturday Feb 11 th

Long story short, I have been a die hard Lynyrd Skynyrd fan, since I could remember. Early tweens, lets put it that way. Dad took me to their concert when I was a sophomore in high school. My favorite song became Free Bird after seeing them play it live for one of the first times. I even have Free Bird engraved on my class ring. Mom said you don't want anything else engraved on your ring? You want Free Bird. Are you sure? LOL. I told her it was bad enough I had to get my initials as part of the deal too, my initials are H.E.L. Anyways... when Bert and I first got together and were swapping concert tee shirts, we had the same one! The Lynyrd Skynyrd ZZ TOP concert. He went with his ex wife for his birthday... LOL. My first concert EVER! So, we made a pact. If Lynyrd Skynyrd ever came to the Hard Rock on or around his birthday, I would take him and we would go with my parents! And this we did last night and had a blast! Mom even came up and started balling with me when they played Free Bird. She even called me her little Free Bird walking out of the concert room. It was a night enjoyed by all!! Oh and the best thing, I got two set lists!!!
PS Sorry for the silly cell phone cheesy photos!! I knew I should have brought my real cameras with me!! But I didn't want to chance getting in trouble at the Hard Rock! Some concerts don't allow concert photography.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cool finds.... daily photo for Feb 10th

The place where Bert ran sound last night, was awesome. Bright colored couches, bathrooms, walls, pretty much a photographers dream! I told the owner, I wanted to rent the place for an hour with a model! It looks like so much fun!
I said I was going to focus on brightly colored photos, I didn't know my photos from yesterday would be selfies. Funny thing is I didn't even want to go last night, I wanted to stay at home and watch movies and do crafts. But I found such a cool spot. I love cool finds!
They also had two high heel shoe chairs. I jumped around from couch to couch while Bert sat the sound equip up. I couldn't resist! Finally when Bert was ready to sit down, I took a photo with him. I can't believe he smiled!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Just at day 40 ramble ...

Okay, so just at 40 days into project 366!
That leaves us with 326 wonderful more photos to take! And I struggled with mine today. I won't lie, I've actually been struggling daily. But then something pops, an idea, and I just take the photo. I've stumbled into the daily routine photos of project 365. Or 366 for this year.
I haven't really been personally challenging myself like I really would like to on this project. Back in 2010 when I completed the project, I took a single photo of one single subject daily. Like, for whatever mood I was in that day. If I was feeling blank, I took a photo of a blank piece of paper and used a quote, "DRAWING A BLANK..." Now, I'm just doing simple photos. Goal for myself to stop taking the easy way out of this project. Really challenge myself at least for the next ten photos!!
Although I do love how I have been challenging myself to get out all three cameras I own and try and snap a shot. I do take photos with three cameras, yes. I love it. But some photos are just not post worthy or blog worthy. But they are going onto files on my computer and being saved.
These next ten days, I'm wanting to go back to my BRIGHT VIBRANT SINGLE SUBJECT FIND A QUOTE THAT FITS AND SNAP THE PHOTO!!
Crossing fingers!!!

Good Day Sunshine!

So, I spent most of the day out in the sun reading a book. Well, not just any book. Figuring out the prompts to the Finish this book. Brainstorming getting ideas. And I had my camera out side with me. I just started taking random photos. Of me. I liked how this one turned out of my hair. I felt like a texture photo today. So, "hair" it is!
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
nothing really spectacular. however, I was feeling as random as this photo! The sun was out, I had the Beatles song Good Day Sunshine stuck in my head, and my hair just reminded me of the beautiful sun we are having today!
some other random photos that should be posted too... I liked the way the sun was in some of these!
So the one above is slightly out of focus, which I guess is what I love about it! C ;

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Make a paper chain... make a mess clean it up!

I had a very full busy evening tonight. The internet was down until about twenty minutes ago, but needless to say I got a lot of laundry done with the net being down. IT's amazing. The computer or the internet have to be broken or down for me to stop procrastinating! HAHA. What is this world of mine coming too!? Anyway, I know I will have a happy husband when he comes home from work. I cleared out another two boxes from our bed room and put up a dresser from in the garage all by myself. I got tired of looking at bare walls! I did also manage to complete the page, "MAKE A PAPER CHAIN..." in my Wreck This Journal. When I cleaned the mess up the napkin I used looked sort of cool. I also added a photo of that tonight! C :

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Radical Self Love Portrait for today!

Photographers will get this one, this is me, in the RAW. No make up, hair not tidy, just me. This is for my radical self love project. We are supposed to take a single photo of us daily for the month of feb. Today's 365 photo is just that! ENJOY C :

Monday, February 6, 2012

Ice Cream and Radical Self Love!

So I felt kinda bad that I didn't get Bert a cake for his birthday this year, so I treated him to some TCBY. I know how much he loves sherbet!

I also did the directions of glue these two pages together. I cut a heart out of the sheet music woven tear this page and glued it to the page beside it. This by far is so my favorite page!!!

This month, I'm going to be following Gala Darlings instructions for her Radical Self Love Bible. Our first homework instructions were to buy a notebook of some sort small enough to carry around with you and to find a totem of some sort to bring with you everywhere you go. I figured, why not take a photo of some of the I LOVE YOU conversation hearts and carry it around with me. I can put it in my purse and bring it out when ever I need the two of these items to remind myself about Radical Self Love! Another two home work assignments I'm working on currently are making a prayer to post on the first page of the book and the next page listing 100 things you love about your self. Not just 5 things, 100! Shamelessly I've gotten 12 things written so far. But I have the entire month to think of 100 more things!! Plus, I've been really busy this weekend, not much time to open my "BIBLE" and write in it! My goal tomorrow is to write at least 20 more things down I love about myself!! Gala Darling you rock!

And I finally finished that personal mission statement!
My name is Heather Guidry. I am ambitious, positive-minded, motivated, young, and smart. I am a people person. I am the person I am today because of that. I've learned what makes myself and others happy in life is self-happiness. I feel everyone has a talent from GOD. Most don't act upon it, or if they do, they call it a hobby. My talents are photography, crafting, anything to do with my hands, writing, speaking, I choose to act on these talents daily. Remember you can not place a price tag on personal happiness. You must always create your daily happy!
Short sweet and to the point ! YEAH! Sigh~

Happy Birthday Bert! Feb 5th's post

Yesterday was Bert's birthday, we did a few special things for his birthday this weekend. But yesterday was his actual celebration. We went to the hard rock. Won a little money. Came home with money in our pockets and went and watched the super bowl at Bill and Charlies. So, I actually took three photos, one with cell phone, one with the rebel, and one with the mark. Can you tell which ones are from which camera yet? I didn't get Bert a birthday cake. I didn't make him a special dinner, but we did go out and have a few special drinks! Bert's not much of one at his age that likes to be reminded of his age. So, we kept it simple and to the point! Lucky man though to have the Super Bowl on his Birthday!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Journal wrecking day....

Today I kept myself busy. I didn't want to watch the news or read the news paper. Mobile had such a tragedy yesterday. I didn't want to be reminded of it just yet. Kinda wanted it all to feel like a dream. This is how I kept myself busy. Thank goodness for these days!

I knew when I bought this journal again, that I wanted to attempt at doing pages that I didn't do in previous journals first. I don't think this photo really does this tear this page up any justice. It's one of my favorite pages. I was reminded about basket weaving on Pintrest. I decided to paper weave sheet music in with the torn pages. I then wrote lyrics to favorite songs in my life with lyrics that mean something heart felt to me. Here are a few of those songs!!

The trace your hand page was pretty fun too! I decided to take a photo of my hand, make it black and white and color my nails pink like color splashing a photo. I also printed out a color version and ripped the pages. I was kinda stuck on the rip the page prompt, but I was having a blast! LOL.

One of my blogger friends always says her son says when they get tons of cereal, that they are rich. Well, I felt rich when Bert brought home all these cola's. My fridge now looks like something you'd see on MTV cribs! Of course when I posted my status earlier, my mom jumped on there and said, the cokes will rot your teeth and add the pounds. Drink coffee instead. and my status was... Trying to accomplish anything in the morning without a tall glass of cola AKA caffeine is like trying to mow the grass without a mower...freaking pointless! My response to my mother was, can't stand coffee unless it's frozen. I then got a phone call, told her I was going to take a daily photo of all the cokes just to frustrate her. I love playing silly jokes on my mother. c ;

Friday, February 3, 2012

Creativity block today...

Having one of those uninspired days. So, I know just a few days ago I took a photo of my sharpies, but this was a total accident. I picked them up from their spot on my desk where they have been since the other day and started snapping. I thought this photo even an accident, was pretty cool. And it interested me by the fact that it kinda looked 80's glam. Hey sharpies can be glamourous too!!
NOTE* THIS IS ONLY A HALF WRITTEN BLOG* I am going to try and come up with another random photo for today with my Mark and or Cell Phone! We will see! It's only 3:10 pm. Maybe something a little more creative will come up by the evening! I wanted to get in there and tackle some more pages in my Wreck This Journal today, just not feeling that creative ... which stinks!!!

I gave my husband his birthday gift early. I am always doing this! I always cave in and give anyone their gifts before hand. I'm too much of a I will tell you what it is person if you ask me! So, better just to give early! LOL.
Here are some pictures of his gift from a pintrest challenge!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bass playing kittah!

Bert practicing with his headphones on... I guess he thinks I can't hear the music coming out from them or the slapping on the bass! I'd rather hear the whole song minus headphones!

Bert practicing. Having a good time!

Itty getting her bass lesson. I swear she would be a bass player if she really knew what she was doing!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Some kinda rainy day!

I love rainy day photos! I love sitting outside and seeing what I can capture on Rainy days. Today, I found a spider web. I loved the way the droplets made a bokeh type look and feel. You can see the spider spinning the web.

Like I said, I LOVE rainy day photos. Possibly my favorite photos to take!
I've been meaning to take photos of these little guys in our flower beds out front. We have a rabbit, mushroom, and frog. Today, the rabbit was sitting by water droplets... kinda caught my attention!