Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ringing in the new year 2012

I usually try and think of something really profound to say, considering it's New Years. I usually try and think of resolutions to write down. I am usually a big list maker, however, tonight I am defying all odds and going against what is the normal thing for me to "usually" be doing at this time of year.

By me not doing the usual normal activities, doesn't mean I am not dreaming as big as I usually do, it just means I am really dreaming big... too big for my mind to think to write down a list. I would need one really HUGE sheet of paper. My mind would get ahead of my pen right now. That's just how big I am dreaming for the year 2012.

Let’s start 2012 as we mean to go on: happy, healthy, optimistic & 365 plus one goal oriented!

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