Friday, December 30, 2011

This is the story of a girl and her "Converse"

Today is day 364 of the year 2011. One year ago today, in the year 2010, I was just about to complete my first ever attempt at Project 365. Notice how I said, "Just about to complete." My husband and I had a very long day that day, one year ago today. I remember it like it was yesterday. So long of a day, I almost had a photo fail on the second to last day of my project! ( Did I say that right? Second to last... ) Also explains that I was really trying to go for another photo idea for day 364! Not just a pair of shoes. I believe the weather was what kept the day feeling like it was so long of a day too. You know how rain can make any day seem long and dreary.

Back on topic! We had made a trip to Walmart, to get groceries. One thing I don't like about walmart, is you always end up leaving with just more than groceries! Hence, the new shoes! I also enjoy walking around Walmart for daily photo inspiration... so (the new shoes... were pretty interesting before I even left the store.) Did I mention, I got the shoes on sale? They were $7.99. I was so excited about that too! Later on that night while my husband was having band practice, I got the bright idea, ( by the way I always think better at night... most of my photos were usually taken upon the eleventh hour of the day...) to decorate my shoes and take a photo of the new "converse..."

The song, "New Shoes" was always on the radio then, and it came on the radio while I was thinking of what I could do for my photo that day! I listen live to the Zew.Net. Or should I say stream live? Thank goodness for that particular song to come on! (IKR!) I went for my purple and black sharpies and went to town decorating my new shoes with not a care in the world what other people would think when they saw, "DAY 364..." on them. Which, I might add, when I wear the shoes, I either get strange looks (that doesn't bother me...) or they start up a conversation! Which I love randomly talking to people about my photography accomplishment. The look in their eyes is oh, it's simple you just take one photo a day right? Yeah, but not just any photo! LOL.

Look at how many conversations I've had about these shoes! They look pretty worn since that first day! The first day the purple was BRIGHT and purple, the black was sharp and smooth. Now, the purple looks like pink, and the black looks like it has sat under a running facet with water! I look back a year later after quitting 65 days into this year on the photo project, that I call these shoes my inspiration shoes! I can complete and accomplish anything I put my mind to. && I will always have these shoes to remind me that I can do just that!

Speaking of these shoes and conversations, another photographer "mentor" friend of mine, Paul Dovie Photography, called me just a second ago asking if I had found my shoes and giggled. Yes. I was rather upset earlier today when trying to find my shoes for my photo today, because we have moved, and everything is still in boxes! Still! I wanted to cry. I felt so lost without these shoes. Made me smile to tell my friend, yes I found them! Did you see the photos? Gotta love the random conversations! I wish those of you following my blogger, the same inspiration. You can find inspiration anywhere. I just happened to find mine in shoes and daily conversations answering questions about these shoes. Now you know a secret!! sssshhhh....

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