Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Waterspout in Fairhope

Today we had some server weather! We had a water spout in Fairhope Alabama, which is across the river AKA bay, but I've always called it the river or POND LOL. Just because I'm different that way, however. . . I took this photo off of Airport BLVD in Mobile. Kinda looked like a potential cloud that the water spout could have been in! SCARED ME!
Here lately, I have been loving my cell phone, keeping me up to date on my project 366! I think sometime soon, I'll pull out my sock monkeys! I need some inspiration for this project. No one seems to be following it like they were in 2010. And I don't even know who is still doing project 366, I don't like doing something alone! So, I might quit in July, but before I do, I will make more use of the SOCK Monkeys. People seemed to follow their posts!!!!

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