Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 30!!

This set of photos above were taken with my Mark camera. I'm still getting used to trying and using my cell phone camera, my rebel, and my mark all in the same day. Some are just not post worthy, but the thing is, I'm testing myself to really try and take as many photos as I can with either camera! It's really a challenge sometimes! However, my husband and I went to run our normal Monday morning errands. On the way to the post office, we passed the little airport in Irvington. They were doing touch and goes. I was so thankful I had my camera with me. I was pretty pleased with these shots, so you get to see them all!

The photos below, were silly daily routine photos. My husband and I have become a little domesticated since we have moved into a neighbor hood and we love going on our daily bike rides. Today, I decided to bring my rebel along. I was glad I did. A Dachshund ran out of it's yard just to let us know we were too close to his yard LOL. Bert instantly picked up his feet. He calls Dachshund's ankle biters! It cracked me up. The dog just chased us to the end if his property line and let us be. But this photo was too funny not to post!!


  1. cool photos :) My cat would have done the same as that dog..LOL

  2. oh...and I saw a sock monkey hat at the store..totally thought of you! LOL

  3. Too Funny! I found one! It's part of Bert's birthday gift. He has no idea. I told him I bought a pair of sock monkey pi's instead! LOL.