Wednesday, May 2, 2012

almost to day 125!

I made it....woohooo, almost to day 125 !!!

One hundred and twenty five photos (almost!), one taken every single day....although I have hundreds more that didn't get posted, probably thousands that didn't make it onto the pages of blogger....what an achievement I feel I have made. Believe me there have been days of sheers enjoyment and tears of sorrow when the brick wall hit and I didn't think that I would make it and produce a picture but I am so glad that I have made it.... to yet another goal set !! Time to set another goal, to day 175!! I can do this, although at the beginning of the year upon thinking about doing this again, I would have laughed at you and said there is no way I will be able to do this again! But, thank you all for still joining in for keeping me going!

I have learned so many new things already in this 2012 journey of project 365! I decided to start this project again for two reasons 1. To make sure that I take more photographs with my new camera and old canon and cell phone. 2. to make me take time out of every day for myself, to do something I enjoy as last year I did enjoy taking just 65 photos, but this year I wanted to go even further like I did in 2010.

I really want to thank my husband himself who has listened to me day in day out, helped with the lows, offered suggestions and many words of encouragement to help me get here to almost day 125! He always says you have made it this far, there is no backing out now. You made it in 2010, you can do it again this year for 2012 ! He has even been a big supporter in my sock monkey adventures!! I know I haven't taken many photos of Mr and Mrs socks, but there will be more! TRUST ME!

A THANK YOU TO YOU ALL -blogger friends- & Facebook friends- & Project 365 friends- keep your head up!! Here's to almost day 125!! YEAH !!

And what will come next........
we will see!

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