Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday May 6th!! Blessing of the fleet in the bayou!

I can't wait to share the rest of the photos from the Blessing of the Fleet in the Bayou!!! IT was a beautiful day, hot, beautiful nonetheless. I took a walk in the church in the bayou, and snapped photos of the stained glass windows, and all the details inside the church. First built in 1908, and destroyed by several hurricanes, but rebuilt! It took a total loss after hurricane Katrina. But still stands in the same spot, and still as spectacular today!!!!

As far as the Blessing of the Fleet, I learned so much about our own Bayou, I feel bad, I've lived in the bayou 7 years and have never gone to a Blessing of the Fleet. But I really enjoyed it! And the sun I got! I almost had a heat stroke! It was a whopping 82 degrees with a chance of an afternoon thunderstorm, so the humidity was high. But Bert and I both enjoyed ourselves. All in all, I had a great learning experience and can't wait to post the rest of the photos!!Also, while at the blessing of the fleet today, I caught two hand fulls of mardi gras beads... saw two boys with a pretty pink heart teddy bear , gave them the beads. The Dad must have told them to give me the bear for the beads, five seconds later the boys come running up to me and hand me the bear! I saw their Dad was taking photos of it, so I blew them a kiss!! The boys were too cute!!! They walked away all bashful! c - ; I think I'll take a photo of the heart bear for my picture tomorrow Monday May 7th! It's sooo cute!!!

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