Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hello May!! Day 122 and 123!

Today's photo (May 2nd) is the exact opposite from yesterday (May 1st). The storm photo is as is, no editing other than the sharpening tool. It's not a black and white photo, it's the way the weather is today! Gotta love Mother Nature! I know I love a good storm, time to curl up and read a good book! Oh we also went to the store (in this mess of weather), our fridge is stocked with drinks!! Feels like it should be on MTV cribs or something !! c ;

Bert and I spent most of the morning yesterday trying to figure out where we were going to take the bike. We took a beautiful ride to Dauphin Island. We ate lunch at Bienville Bar and Grill! It was delish! But we always stop here on the way, and on the way back for a break!!! — at Bay View Front Park Dauphin Island. This photo was taken with my cell phone (not too shabby!)

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