Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Long two days...

Itty says, Momma, it's time for bed... you comin? Put that camera down woman it's snuggle time! Can't you see?
I took her to the vet yesterday, we got good news!! The news we had prayed for! She is a healthy kitty and the
doc has seen kitty's with her condition that are in worse shape. HE told her she needed to go on a diet as she
weights 11.2 lbs and I have to wet her hard food at night, as she is a hoarder! She eats all the cat food in the
house!!! Half the reason I had to take her to the vet!!! Poor thing! Now she has clean sheets and loves it!!!!
As I was saying about those long two days, Bert and I had a much needed relaxing evening of pure ZEN... lit some candles and enjoyed couch movie night!!

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