Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Make a paper chain... make a mess clean it up!

I had a very full busy evening tonight. The internet was down until about twenty minutes ago, but needless to say I got a lot of laundry done with the net being down. IT's amazing. The computer or the internet have to be broken or down for me to stop procrastinating! HAHA. What is this world of mine coming too!? Anyway, I know I will have a happy husband when he comes home from work. I cleared out another two boxes from our bed room and put up a dresser from in the garage all by myself. I got tired of looking at bare walls! I did also manage to complete the page, "MAKE A PAPER CHAIN..." in my Wreck This Journal. When I cleaned the mess up the napkin I used looked sort of cool. I also added a photo of that tonight! C :

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