Thursday, February 9, 2012

Just at day 40 ramble ...

Okay, so just at 40 days into project 366!
That leaves us with 326 wonderful more photos to take! And I struggled with mine today. I won't lie, I've actually been struggling daily. But then something pops, an idea, and I just take the photo. I've stumbled into the daily routine photos of project 365. Or 366 for this year.
I haven't really been personally challenging myself like I really would like to on this project. Back in 2010 when I completed the project, I took a single photo of one single subject daily. Like, for whatever mood I was in that day. If I was feeling blank, I took a photo of a blank piece of paper and used a quote, "DRAWING A BLANK..." Now, I'm just doing simple photos. Goal for myself to stop taking the easy way out of this project. Really challenge myself at least for the next ten photos!!
Although I do love how I have been challenging myself to get out all three cameras I own and try and snap a shot. I do take photos with three cameras, yes. I love it. But some photos are just not post worthy or blog worthy. But they are going onto files on my computer and being saved.
These next ten days, I'm wanting to go back to my BRIGHT VIBRANT SINGLE SUBJECT FIND A QUOTE THAT FITS AND SNAP THE PHOTO!!
Crossing fingers!!!


  1. I kinda like your "routine"'s like a glimpse into daily life. I wish I was more like that style sometimes..LOL Anyway, can't wait to see what you come up with!
    Thank you for your consistent encouragement!!

  2. You are welcome! It was really hard for me to complete the 2010 year. I had tons of encouragement. I want to make sure newbies get a little further than day 65. It's so much fun, it can be time consuming. I've just had to force myself to take photos, thus routine. LOL. But still a photo of the day! Good luck Jennifer!