Saturday, February 4, 2012

Journal wrecking day....

Today I kept myself busy. I didn't want to watch the news or read the news paper. Mobile had such a tragedy yesterday. I didn't want to be reminded of it just yet. Kinda wanted it all to feel like a dream. This is how I kept myself busy. Thank goodness for these days!

I knew when I bought this journal again, that I wanted to attempt at doing pages that I didn't do in previous journals first. I don't think this photo really does this tear this page up any justice. It's one of my favorite pages. I was reminded about basket weaving on Pintrest. I decided to paper weave sheet music in with the torn pages. I then wrote lyrics to favorite songs in my life with lyrics that mean something heart felt to me. Here are a few of those songs!!

The trace your hand page was pretty fun too! I decided to take a photo of my hand, make it black and white and color my nails pink like color splashing a photo. I also printed out a color version and ripped the pages. I was kinda stuck on the rip the page prompt, but I was having a blast! LOL.

One of my blogger friends always says her son says when they get tons of cereal, that they are rich. Well, I felt rich when Bert brought home all these cola's. My fridge now looks like something you'd see on MTV cribs! Of course when I posted my status earlier, my mom jumped on there and said, the cokes will rot your teeth and add the pounds. Drink coffee instead. and my status was... Trying to accomplish anything in the morning without a tall glass of cola AKA caffeine is like trying to mow the grass without a mower...freaking pointless! My response to my mother was, can't stand coffee unless it's frozen. I then got a phone call, told her I was going to take a daily photo of all the cokes just to frustrate her. I love playing silly jokes on my mother. c ;


  1. I had to chuckle about the Coke and cereal riches. :-)

    I liked your treatment of the ripped page - I would never have thought of that!

  2. I didn't know if you wanted your name to be protected. LOL. So I just said blogger friends. But I felt really rich!!!