Monday, February 13, 2012

Brown Bag Special!

This was my pintrest project for the week. The bag says, I LOVE YOU MORE THAN LADY LOVES TRAMP! I got up early this morning asked Bert to go to the garage while I packed a lunch and surprised him. All I could quickly find was Progresso Grandpa Cookies and Jolly rancher Valentines Suckers! I guess now that the cat is out of the bag I'll have to put something different in there tomorrow since he didn't see what I made for him today!!!

oh and ps... for those that don't know me, giving up my Progresso soup is LOVE!!
Only to feed the man I ♥ would I give up my progresso!

This is just so Bert knows, I'm guessing it was my fault, that I didn't say HERE HONEY... LOOK I made you a lunch! LOL. It was sitting by the stove right in front of his coffee pot. I guess a better place to show him I made him lunch next time would be just putting it in his truck! HA.


  1. I just saw this...what a cute project! Lucky man!

  2. He took it to work with a smile on his face... grumbling at the same time! Do I have to take it. I told him I would put on the back ... yes, to make other men jealous your wife gets up and packs you a lunch still! LOL.