Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lucky day continues... ?

gotta love it when you feel lucky. Maybe it's that I know St Patty's day is right around the corner. But I've just felt that way the passed few days. I know the "luck" doesn't come as often as it should to some. Heck it doesn't come as often as it should for me either. No matter how hard we try, some obstacle is always in the way. Bert and I got on pintrest today, and found a project for us to do this afternoon. We drove all around town looking for a chest to mod podge with sheet music and rolling stone magazines! It took us all afternoon and a trip to Krystal's for lunch to find this awesome find for under $60.00. Just sanded it down and mod podged! It was fun!! I'm pretty satisfied with how this turned out! I'm going to add some guitar picks down the sides, some concert tickets on the bottom, and some guitar strings along the top edges, then it will be complete!

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