Friday, February 3, 2012

Creativity block today...

Having one of those uninspired days. So, I know just a few days ago I took a photo of my sharpies, but this was a total accident. I picked them up from their spot on my desk where they have been since the other day and started snapping. I thought this photo even an accident, was pretty cool. And it interested me by the fact that it kinda looked 80's glam. Hey sharpies can be glamourous too!!
NOTE* THIS IS ONLY A HALF WRITTEN BLOG* I am going to try and come up with another random photo for today with my Mark and or Cell Phone! We will see! It's only 3:10 pm. Maybe something a little more creative will come up by the evening! I wanted to get in there and tackle some more pages in my Wreck This Journal today, just not feeling that creative ... which stinks!!!

I gave my husband his birthday gift early. I am always doing this! I always cave in and give anyone their gifts before hand. I'm too much of a I will tell you what it is person if you ask me! So, better just to give early! LOL.
Here are some pictures of his gift from a pintrest challenge!

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