Saturday, February 25, 2012

JACK POT! Day Feb 24th

I'm so excited about my new 1.8 lens I got today. I came home, got in my pj s and started playing around!
I love the depth of field! New pj 's too. I feel like I hit the jack pot... new pair of comfy jammies and a new lens !
when you get a new lens anything can become the center of attention... even bad habits!

As if all of that wasn't a lucky day for me, I wanted to go to the casino for dinner. I did not feel like cooking. We get comps all the time at the hard rock... well... I won for almost $300 and then turned around while I waited on my husband to be ready to leave stuck a $20 in and won almost another $140. It was an all in all "Jack Pot of sorts Friday..."

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