Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 19 Rockin' Milkshakes!

It all started with, "Hey honey... let's take the bike out for a ride..."

and Bert and I know just how much Big Time Diner's milkshakes rock. I've been having some asthma issues with this rain that came through... the only thing that really makes me feel good when I have asthma issues is a Chocolate Milkshake from Big Time Diner. So, I went on that bike ride to make Bert happy, and he made me more than happy by getting myself a milkshake!

As you can see, Big Time Diner's milkshakes are good till the last drop!

P.S. I love having handy cell phones with cameras on them! I didn't want to have to worry about locking the bags on the bike, so I was able to get my photo today via cell phone! I'm so happy! This is not what I had really intended on for my photo, but I figured... well why not!

1 comment:

  1. I now have a band aid on my bobo! The girl that waited on us, said ouch looks like that hurts. I told her my bike jacket took the scab off during the ride. So yeah for cool waitresses and diners that keep band aids handy!