Friday, January 20, 2012

Mother Nurture day 20!

I got a random call from my Dad telling me about this cattle pasture not too far from where I live today, he said, "Baby girl, grab your camera and go take photos of the baby calves. There are about thirty or more!" I accepted the daily photo opp got in my car and followed directions, to my amazement, there were cattle all over this field. I'm guessing the low pressure and warmer weather has caused them to be born a little early. It was so sweet and I was just in awe at what Mother nature can do, and not just mother nature, but God. So many cute little animals. Made me remember why I'm not a huge meat eater. But anywho, I had to park my car at a church parking lot and walk a bit. I had to cross the road. I didn't want to disturb anything going on, with the cattle. There are like 18 deaths a year related to cattle accidents. So, I just stood a ways at the corner of the fence... These are some photos I captured on my walk and of the cattle!! Enjoy! I like random phone calls to go photo scavenger hunting! Most excitingly, my husband let me take the Titan! I'm a girl that loves being from the country, and loves driving the truck!

P.S. I love shooting on over cast days. It makes the picture so rich in color....

I feel all air heady. Thanks Prednisone. Actually. I feel like all medicine. I've eaten several times today and I think I'm drunk on water... sheesh! I'm also challenging myself to try and use all three camera's I have in one day... then pick from the photos ... I had taken this photo today after drinking about three glasses of water from it! I thought the blue light from my speakers cast a cool glow through the water droplets!
And I leave you with this if you have ever taken prednisone, and have felt this way, please let me know I'm not going crazy on this medicine! I have two more days left of taking it!
"There are 3 kinds of people: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened." Well, I just here and watched the whole house get cleaned. Made possible by prednisone. I need to find wonder woman and give her her meds back and thank her for this energy! But geez, I'm ready to settle down and watch a movie... I dislike this medicine feeling.

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