Friday, January 6, 2012

Ms. Socks First Adventure Continued...

Ms. Socks had a very exciting first adventure!

My husband took me downtown to go see Eric The Birdman play acoustic at Grand Central. Music has always been our escape, or our release.
At first I was somewhat nervous to bring Ms. Socks out into a bar full of people who I didn't know. (except the musician!) But, I waited until the last minute, when everyone was feeling all warm and fuzzy! I was really glad I waited until that last minute. I had random people telling Eric how to pose with Ms. Socks. So, Ms. Socks, had her first experience playing a guitar, and seeing what I and Bert do for fun! She and I enjoyed it so much, we feel asleep on the way home. Bert wanted to snap a photo of the two of us napping on the porch. When I woke up, Ms. Socks told me she couldn't wait to go on more adventures with us!! Yeah! Looks like we are fun people for Ms. Socks to have around!! c=

These pictures were taken around 1 am last night! Sorry for the random low light. I didn't have too much light to work with! But enjoy!


  1. I LOVE IT! These pics make me miss Eric even more... I need to get over to Mobile to see him (and the rest of the guys too)!!! I think my favorite is the black and white on the bottom left corner.

  2. OH my gosh! It's Eric the Birdman Erdman!!! So missing the Ugli Stick days! :0) And I got a kick out of the middle shot! LOL Typical Eric has to fight off the ladies. LOL

  3. Jamie, one night you and Tony will get a sitter and come out with Bert and I and take Ms. Socks on an adventure! Angela, The middle shot is my fav! c=