Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Get Well Soon

Apparently I seem to have gotten this nasty stomach bug that's going around. I woke up with fever, chills, and a case of the bleh's.

Bert and Ms. Socks had an outing today. As you can see they both went and got me a care package. Sprite, chicken broth, and a get well soon balloon! When I heard my husband and Ms Socks come home, I figured I would be seeing a beautiful flower bouquet, of the assorted crazy daisy's, the typical make me feel better soon gift.

I was wrong! Bert told me to go look in the computer room. He and Ms Socks wanted to show me something! Bert had Ms Socks in the computer chair with a beautiful sunshine get well balloon with sprite and broth cubes! He said, here's your photo idea today baby! To my surprise, Bert is really getting into this sock monkey aspect of my daily photos!

I was laying in bed, most of the day and kind of down because I didn't want to fail on my third day! It's only the third day, I kept telling myself!!! I am really proud of my husband for thinking about this photo idea all on his own! It was a wonderful surprise!


  1. That's so cute! I hope you're feeling better soon... being sick is never any fun. :(

  2. Awwwww. Hope you get to feeling better soon! What a way to start the new year, huh? But I'm glad to see you have your priorities straight. (You got that adorable photo!) ;) Praying the Lord lays His healing touch on you and that you are back to your spunky self soon! ((hugs))

  3. I think it was just a 24 hour thing. I'm not back to my normal "spunky" self yet, but getting close! Thanks for your prayers Kyla!! Prayers are amazing and very powerful! Reading your post brightened my day. I ran to show it to my husband on my phone, and he smiled. c=