Sunday, January 8, 2012

On Making it fun....

When it comes right down to it, photography should always be fun. Especially for your 365 project. If you start to look at your daily photo as a task or a chore, your project is in trouble. Some people realize it's 11:55PM and they rush to take a photo before the clock strikes midnight and their camera turns into a pumpkin. Others whine and moan all day long about how they just can't find anything decent to shoot, they upload a photo, and immediately bash it themselves by saying it was rushed and not good and apologizes to everyone. should always be fun. It doesn't matter what you shoot or when or where. It doesn't matter if the photo has a deep personal meaning or if it's just something you found interesting for five seconds. Whatever you shoot, whatever you do, keep your project fun.

Today, I will try and find something that just interested me for five seconds. That is my plan. Not to find some hidden meaning in my photo, or post a HUGE story to go along with it... just something that I saw for five seconds, that made my day a little more entertaining! That's my goal for today! Pictures will come later!!


  1. You are so right... that was the mistake I made in 2010 when attempting the 365. I am trying to keep an open mind and have fun with it - so far it's working! :)

  2. Awesome reminder...thank you! I do like to have some part of my photo tie in to my life, in some way..but I don't suppose every one has to! Can ya put this on a re-occurring post schedule so we're reminded every month to just keep having fun?! LOL

  3. I sure can Jennifer. I don't know where this came from, being from me. But I needed to remind myself to have fun and remember my goal! c= I'm waiting patiently on my photos to upload from my cell phone from yesterday!