Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Industry of Cool

I needed some kind of a real challenge today. I was browsing on pintrest to see if I could find something on pintrest to do crafty stuff with my hands at least. Then browsing, I found a list of someone's 365 ideas. One of the ideas said, "FACELESS SELF PORTRAIT!" The concept intrigued me. Really? A faceless self portrait. I mean I know in 2010 I had to of had some of those somewhere, just didn't pick up on the actual concept! I challenged myself all day today toying with ideas, and this is what I came up with!

Since I was a teen ager, I've been a lover of music of any kind. Mostly hippy chick music. Like 60's. I wish we could have another 60's musical movement! Today's music, just for lack of better words, has no LOVE! Maybe, Lady Gaga, Jack Johnson, and a few select others.

I somehow developed an obsession with buying Rolling Stone Magazines around 13. I have every one ever made since I was 13. Seriously. And I even have some doubles. Those that I thought would one day be worth some cash value. Some that are still in mint condition. When I turned 18 and went to collage, I studied to be a mass communications major, wrote for the newspaper staff, and was lead photographer. I remember standing in my first day of journalism being terrified, what was I supposed to tell everyone? Would they laugh if I really said I wanted to work for Rolling Stone Magazine? Once I finally spit that out of my mouth, my teacher looked a little slack jawed. Well, you are living in the wrong city. That's all he could say. I told him, well, that's why I'm going to college, to better myself, and keep sights of my dreams!

Although still not writing for Rolling Stone, yet. I still have dreams to write for them one day. I still attend almost every big named concert that comes to the Hard Rock. I take pictures, save the files. Maybe one day they will come in handy! It's okay for me to have big dreams. As long as I am still working on the ultimate goal. c=

Oh and one of my most favorite movies is, Almost Famous. Here's a clip from it! Enjoy!


  1. What and AWESOME concept! Gonna have to try this one. Maybe with one of my Prince records. lol And you just keep on dreaming girl! Someday you may just get what you've been wishing for!

  2. Few first thoughts, me reading a book, any book rainy day activity. Or me being hidden by the guitar, or a music amp. Either or and then this turned up c= I love Prince! I have prince on my itunes and listen daily! c=