Saturday, January 28, 2012

Date night!

I could get used to my husband actually having an "OFF" weekend. He is a musician, and we don't get to have many quote unquote date nights. This weekend he was actually off, meaning off from his rotating work schedule, and off from playing music. He took me out on a date. We got all dressed up, me skirt blouse, blazer, and he wore jeans and a button up shirt and went to a nice italian dinner at Carrabba's. We filled up on tea, bread and seasoning (the reason we went...) cheese sticks, salads, shrimp scampi and dessert. Oh yes ladies, my husband still opens the doors for me. I'm not lucky or spoiled I'm very blessed and well taken care of! ! By doors, any door, car or doors to anywhere. Makes me feel oh so special. But the best part about the meal was the dessert... we got to watch them torch the Banana Brulée. Oh so exciting!
Plus we sat by the pizza oven stove. Kinda made for a romantic dinner. I could get used to my husband actually being off on the weekends. But that's my dream world! c ;
Bacinos - “Mini Desserts”
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Dessert Rosa • Chocolate Coconut Mousse • Banana Brulée

The last picture was our dessert torch-er. He became entertained with the camera, by the end of the night he would even put an extra piece of wood in the oven just because I said I was chilly when the fire went down. I took a photo of it, and him after. We chatted about photography and watched him make pizzas. The next time we go to Carrabba's I'll have to eat a pizza!!!


  1. Fabulous! I love all the photos and especially the one of you and Bert. You two are adorable together!

  2. Thanks girl! I wish it wasn't so bright. But I was trying some new settings! I have a goal for certain days and that was a setting I wasn't used to using! LOL. He said he felt like it was his birthday, but I had to remind him his birthday is next Sunday! LOL. Almost seven years we've been together in March c; just married for four in November c ; Feels sometimes like we are still on our honeymoon!