Thursday, January 26, 2012


The one night I wanted her to pose for me,
she gave me some serious cat-attitude!
This will have to settle for my photo today nonetheless it's a photo!

This was a photo I did of me earlier today... only blog worthy readers! LOL.
this is the view I like to be seen from most of the time. BEHIND THE CAMERA.
I do have my good days though! I mean good days, where I like to even high five the mirror! LOL But today, wasn't one of those days. I went to go shopping for an out fit to wear to the wedding this weekend and I couldn't find anything.
I got mad props from my husband, he said, "You went to two stores... and didn't buy anything!?" LOL.
Not that it wouldn't fit, just that I can't get used to the style. Oh and I am kinda happy, pulled out an old pair of jeans, and they fit me again! Whoo hoo for keeping size 5 jeans!!!


  1. I <3 your cat! Yay for old jeans..they are the best!

  2. Esp old jeans that still look brand new!!! I love it!! Made me feel like a million bucks!!!