Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 31!!

First off congrats new project 365 followers!

It's the end of the first month! Be proud you made it this far! So, hows getting used to the uploading daily, taking a photo daily going!?! Remember we are here to help each other in this project. Even if it's just a silly random photo... it's still a photo! Make it fun! MOST OF ALL! Don't let it become a chore! IF it becomes too much of a chore, take a few days off. You can always make up for it! If you have to remember you can take 52 photos and just do one photo a week!
The only four things my husband knows about his Bday/Valentines day gift.
1) Sharpies.
2) Binder Rings.
3) Hole Puncher.
4) Stickers!
PS. IF YOU KNOW WHAT THIS IS GOING TO MAKE... PINTREST LOVERS... DONT RUIN IT! His birthday is Sunday. I hope if I finish before then, that I don't cave in and give it to him early like I usually do! LOL. Total spent on this project $15.00. By the way, I had a bunch of stuff already, just sometimes new stuff seems more interesting! LOL.

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