Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Visits" day 18

My husbands mother's sister passed away Monday, thankfully my husband was off so we could attend the funeral and say not our goodbyes, but our I'll see you agains! We had to take a five hour and two minute ride all the way to Lake Charles Louisiana, where the serves were held. After the services we met at Carolyn Conner's daughter in laws house for a short visit. I then demanded, that we don't just get together for these "events" that we get together at least twice a year for something fun. So we can laugh and have a nice time together. Of course, I got a look from Uncle Dicky. He said, you can have fun anywhere! Leave it to Uncle Dicky. See, "Uncle Dicky...." is my husbands hero. He also married a lady 20 years younger than him. They have that in common. And Uncle Dicky is such a trouble maker but in a fun way... just like my husband. Making sure he knew where exactly Bert's namesake was and all of that yesterday... LOL. And asking me if I still liked my husband. I said, "Uncle Dicky, I don't like Bert, I love Bert." He turned to Bert and said, "How do you put up with her smart mouth!" What a character I tell you... so my photos from yesterday are of Uncle Dicky....

In this photo above he was telling a story. Dicky is famous for his "stories..." see everyone isn't "smiling.." they are either laughing or acted surprised at what came out of his mouth, like the look on Berts mothers face! LOL.

And see there he is again, telling a story to my husband. I can't even get my husband to actually smile like that for a photo. His Uncle Dicky's stories have the magic power! LOL.

Uncle Dicky told my husband to snap this photo of his wife helping out carrying in everything from the church... see he got onto me for already changing in to comfy clothes before the leader of the funeral services dropped off the flowers... he is such a character I tell you!

My husband posted this on his facebook page when he found out about his Aunt. I just hope when I pass away and at her age, I hope someone will be around to write this about me
Please include my Aunt Carolyn in your prayers today. She left this ol' world for a better place this morning. She leaves behind many family members that will miss her dearly.
This as written by her daughter in law!
"My precious friend and mother-in-law, Carolyn Conner, was rewarded this morning with the greatest joy a child of God can receive...she was ushered into the presence of her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I can only imagine what that must have been like for her! She had Roger and Steve waiting there to welcome her into paradise. She was a woman of incredible faith that she lovingly instilled in my children's lives, and I am so grateful to her for that. She endured many trials throughout her lifetime and her rest is richly deserved. There are so many memories of her and her all-knowing sweetness that she showed to me that I shall carry with me for all time. She will always be the "salt of the earth" to me and I will never forget how she touched my heart with her love for the Lord, and willingly and effortlessly fulfilled His purpose while here with us. In my selfishness, I will miss her. In my love for her and what she meant to me, I will rejoice with her...for I know in my heart that she heard this morning, "Well done, thy good and faithful servant". I love you Carolyn, always. "Thy trials are ended, Thy rest is won"."

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