Friday, January 13, 2012


Yes I said, Bleach! It's a new year, time for a new me. Or new hair style! I went bleach blonde! Story behind this!

My husband and I were watching, "What's your number," with Anna Faris last night, and he said... "I want your hair her color..." pointing to Anna Faris. Bleach Blonde! So, after the movie, we went to walmart got some bleach blonde hair coloring and some frost tips. I called my friend Alisha and she came over today! I'm now a BLEACH BLONDE! Alisha took before and after photos, those will be posted soon, so you can really see! This blog has to be short and sweet, just like my new hair style, because we have a busy evening ahead!! I'll post before and after pix of my hair as soon as she posts them!!! But this will have to do for now!! ~&& I LOVE IT!

PS My hair stylist met Ms. Socks today. She even posed her! Kick ass right?!?! c=


  1. CUTE! Can't wait to see the before and afters!

  2. I know! I can't wait to see them myself. I am still getting used to the bleach! It's so yellow! c=